Pragati Tower

Khagaul Road, Patna

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Ground Floor Plan

Shop No:-1
S/Built Up Area:-857 SQ.FT.
Shop No:-2
S/Built Up Area:-879 SQ.FT.
Shop No:-3
S/Built Up Area:-777 SQ.FT.
Shop No:-4
S/Built Up Area:-564 SQ.FT.

Shop No:-5
S/Built Up Area:-552 SQ.FT.
Shop No:-6
S/Built Up Area:-456 SQ.FT.
Shop No:-7
S/Built Up Area:-444 SQ.FT.
Shop No:-8
S/Built Up Area:-514 SQ.FT.

2nd to 5th Floor Plan

Office/Shop No:-1
S/Built Up Area:-1040 SQ.FT

Office/Shop No:-2
S/Built Up Area:-879 SQ.FT

Office/Shop No:-3
S/Built Up Area:-777 SQ.FT

Office/Shop No:-4
S/Built Up Area:-564 SQ.FT

Office/Shop No:-5
S/Built Up Area:-552 SQ.FT

Office/Shop No:-6
S/Built Up Area:-456 SQ.FT

Office/Shop No:-7
S/Built Up Area:-444SQ.FT

Office/Shop No:-8
S/Built Up Area:-593 SQ.FT

6th and 7th Floor Plan

Flat No:-1
Flat Type:-3 BHK
S/Built Up Area:-1425 SQ.FT

Flat No:-2
Flat Type:-2 BHK
S/Built Up Area:-1274 SQ.FT

Flat No:-3
Flat Type:-2 BHK
S/Built Up Area:-1116 SQ.FT

Flat No:-4
Flat Type:-2 BHK
S/Built Up Area:-947 SQ.FT

Flat No:-5
Flat Type:-1 BHK
S/Built Up Area:-592 SQ.FT

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Geetanjali estate builders is bringing forth a new wave of development in Bihar & jharkhand. They are well known for bringing their latent entrepreneurial energy in different ventures including construction of real estate.

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Office No:- 9 & 10, 2nd Floor, Pal Market, Pillar No:-65,Near IGIMS Main Gate, Raja Bazar, Patna.